Cugees Restaurant Roof Collapse-1981 LAFD

LAFD January 28, 1981


Was working on an LODD report and came across a past notable incident that occurred over 32 years ago, that should be recognized,  for many of you that may not of heard or read about it previous to this.

Here’s an intro and a link to the LAFD January 28, 1981 incident;

On January 28, 1981, at 3:33 a.m, a full alarm assignment was dispatched to Cugees Restaurant,5300 Lankershim Boulevard, in the North Hollywood area.
Firefighters found heavy smoke with some fire showing in the interior of the restaurant.

Because a back draft explosion was a distinct possibility and because the smoke had to be cleared in order to begin a meaningful fire attack, ventilation procedures were begun on the roof.
Four members of Truck 60 were cutting a hole near the center of the roof when, without warning, it began to sink beneath their feet. One firefighter described the sensation as similar to standing on the deck of a rapidly listing ship. As the roof sank, it fell at a steep angle, slowly and agonizingly pulling Apparatus Operator Thomas G. Taylor to his death.

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Some additional links:

In Memory of Apparatus Operator Thomas G. Taylor
Truck Company 60 B Platoon
Appointed July 22, 1973
Died January 28, 1981
Died of burns in roof collapse at arson fire.
Cugee’s Restaurant
5300 Lankershim Boulevard



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