All Companies Stand-by: Transmitting a New Box for…

All Companies Stand-by: Transmitting a New Box for…

The all new





All Companies Stand-by: Transmitting a New Box for a brand new destination blog-site. You’ve arrived at the new Formally, the site has been retooled and redesigned to provide a focused streaming of information and insights with a dedicated menu of domains found in our menu ribbon and improved navigation and integration of features and links that will support a multi-dimensional platform and support seamless alignment with other support media found on PennWell’s,, FireRescue Magazine online, the entire family of FE, FFN and FRM’s social media links on Facebook and twitter as well as direct feeds and links to Buildingsonfire on Facebook and our connections on Twitter and Google+ .

The rebranding of the site from the well-established and highly acclaimed to (FGL) was dictated by the rapid changes that appear to be influencing the fire service on a variety of levels with expanding diversity and within a broad range of functional domains and within many facets of our operational and cultural paradigms. These changes have been expressed and are part of our FGL’s maxim of; “Operational Excellence for Today’s Evolving Fireground”

A review of our menu ribbon will prompt you to a wider array of domains that you will find of interest in our postings, concentration and focus providing timely, insightful and useful information and summations that will keep you abreast of latest information to support your roles, responsibilities and requirements on and off the job.



FGL’s primary domains include, Buildingsonfire, Lessons, CommandSafety and The Modern Fireground. Concentrations within each include the following;


  • Reading the Building
  • Building Anatomy
  • Buildingsonfire FACTS TM
  • Occupancy Risk


  • Lessons from the Fireground
  • Reading and Learnings
  • Research and Development
  • Taking it to the Streets


  • A View from the Street
  • Fireground Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
  • Ten in the Street
  • Five Star Command

The Modern Fireground

  • Adaptive Fireground Management
  • Predictability of Performance
  • Tactical Discipline
  • Tactical Patience
  • Command Resiliency
  • Fire Dynamics will continue to present executive summaries of leading reports, research findings, studies and industry issues and will present visionary and emerging materials , conveying leading insights into a number of original and developing models, methodologies and practices that will contribute and support achieving Operational Excellence for Today’s Evolving Fireground that include emerging models on Adaptive Fireground Management (AFM), Predictability of Performance of Buildings on Fire, Five-Star Command Methodologies, practices related to Tactical Disciple and Patience and evolving and integrate program and process on Building Anatomy , Occupancy Risk and Reading Buildings.

IMG_9652[1] will be expanding on the case studies, LODD reports, and historical events, LODD and significant operational incidents that was known for and present those under Lessons from the Fireground. Look for comprehensive informational postings and downloads on NIOSH and FD LODD reports, Near-miss occurrences, after-action reports and significant event Operating Experience (OE) reporting and summations.

We plan to provide you with useful multimedia downloads in the form of informational and training PDFs. PPT, media audio and visual files and much, much more.

 Taking it to the Streets radio will return with a stellar cast of guests, insightful, provoking and timely topical issues addressing local, regional, national and international fire service and professional issues along a wide spectrum of subject areas. Look for expanded live and download video offerings, evening Google Hangout programming and the return with expanded interactive opportunities of the Ten Minutes in the Street scenarios and simulations.

 We will strive to make (FGL) a destination site for go-to information, service and resources, that coupled with the reach and depth that PennWell’s highly acclaimed series of print and eMedia services found within,, FireRescue Magazine online and their network of social media platforms that (FGL) will integrate, align and support; it is our adamant conviction that (FGL) can directly support achieving Operational Excellence for Today’s Evolving Fireground.

 We look forward to your continued support, readership and advocacy. We have a lot more to roll-out and a lot more to populate the spaces of the site in the weeks ahead, so all Companies Stand-by: Transmitting a New Box…. Stay Safe and seek out excellence in everything you do.