Buildings on Fire: Lessons from the Fireground 2016- FDIC

Buildings on Fire: Lessons from the Fireground 2016

Fire Department Instructors Conference- FDIC International

4-hour preconference workshop: Tuesday afternoon April 19th, from 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.


FDIC International  Buildingsonfire: Lessons from the Fireground 2016


As you’re planning your preconference workshops, classroom sessions and networking opportunities for FDIC International 2016, I’d like to personally invite you to consider attending my 4-hour preconference workshop: Buildings on Fire: Lessons from the Fireground 2016 – on Tuesday afternoon April 19th, from 1:30 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

Elements of effective and adaptive fireground leadership and the hard lessons learned are presented in this highly interactive program. A Selective series of case studies will be presented and reviewed and applied to identify vulnerabilities and commonalities and learning’s.

Integrated into the program will be facilitated class discussions on emerging research and its effect on future strategies and tactics as applied to the events presented. Structural compromise and collapse, the predictability of building performance, fire behavior and operational decision-making, tactical deployment and occupancy risk and profiling will also be discussed that frame the learning’s and case study lessons related to The Building, The Compartment and the Company that formulate the Building FACTS Model that will be presented as well.


Lessons from the Fireground 2016 resonate with recommendations and actions that all fire departments and personnel must recognize and implement in future fireground operations in order to reduce operational risks and improve incident mitigation and structure fires. Case studies from across the U.S from Houston, FDNY, Philadelphia, Chicago, Missouri, New York, Michigan, California, Boston, Seattle to Canada and the UK will be presented.


Photo by; CJ Naum

Today’s buildings and occupancies present increasing challenges that have redefined strategic and tactical fireground operations and have changed the rules of engagement in structural fire incidents. Lessons from the Fireground 2016 provides the foundation from which you and your organization can build and enhance operational capabilities and meet the challenges of today’s demanding and evolving fireground.

We’ll be posting additional program insights and supportive information and learning’s to prepare you for this exceptional training program opportunity at FDIC International on PennWell’s  FireEMS Blog at, and on the web and community pages. So stay tuned and make your plans. Joining me in this program will be my colleague Chief Joe Pronesti from Ohio who will support program facilitation and presentation.

Be sure to also set aside the morning of Tuesday, April 19, 8:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. and attend Main Street Tactics and Strategies: Are You Ready? With lead instructor Chief Joe Pronesti addresses leading insights and operational considerations for fires in buildings and occupancies of ordinary masonry, heavy timber, and loft construction that comprise the Main Streets of America.

This program is part of our Main Street Fireground Seminar Series– The only seminar programs of its kind in the United States, these programs present leading insights into the design, construction and occupancy risk of these building types, with specific considerations and understandings for effective fireground operations and tactical safety. I’ll be supporting Chief Pronesti in this preconference session as well.


So what better way to spend the entire day on April 19th at FDIC International with two exceptional training program offerings to start out the week and your FDIC International 2016 Experience.

Don’t neglect another must attend classroom program with Chief Doug Cline; Developing the Next Generation of Fire Service Leaders. You can follow Chief Cline on as well

Be sure to check the FDIC scheduled of events to set aside some time to talk to all three of us at the FDIC or FireFighternation/ FireRescue Magazine booths. We’ll be setting aside some time to have some engaging discussions right from the floor of FDIC, so stay tuned for more announcements of times and locations.


Chiefs Pronesti, Cline and Naum

Chiefs Pronesti, Cline and Naum

One final note: set aside time in your schedule to attend another timely and highly interactive and straight-on classroom session later in the week for Firefighting Operations in Mega-Mansions where I’ll also be joining Chief Greg Jakubowski, for a focused presentation on the emerging residential fireground challenges for Firefighting Operations in Mega-Mansions. Another MUST Classroom session.


I look forward to seeing you in our training program offerings and I’ll see you on the floor and in the classrooms at FDIC and in the streets around INDY…Make sure you stop me to say hello…. stay safe….


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Stay Tuned for exciting information on the FiregroundLeadership Academy Program coming nationally in early 2016.