Closed Structures

Closed Structures; those buildings with limited ready accessibility to the exterior or by virtue of size and volume related to square footage of area and interior configurations, design and impediments increases operational risk significantly.

If companies and commanders are unprepared, complacent or do not engaged in the fluid size-up and risk profiling of the building during initial arrival, investigation and deployments; they may be confronted with unanticipated operational challenges that may strain or collapse operational effectiveness and jeopardize operating companies.

Here’s a couple of building views to provide some discussion opportunities related to the predictability of performance of the building, building anatomy features and characteristics, expected fire behavior and tactical operational barriers, challenges or risks that must be identified, overcome or managed.

  • How can companies decrease the risk, while increasing operational parameters?
  • What would that level of resource and time commitment require?
  • Occupancy Use, Occupancy Risk, Building Use Status and Condition will have influencing factors, as will day or night time operational periods.
  • Think about air management, situational integrity and orientation and travel distances and hazards.
  • What similar buildings, structures and occupancies do you have in your first or second-due or mutual or automatic aid response areas?
  • Some good table talk discussion to engage the crews with.



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