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Predictability of Building Performance – Expect Fire

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The Predictability of Building Performance must take into consideration that in the context of today’s fire ground, buildings and fire dynamics, small changes on initial compartment or structure conditions may often produce and result in large-scale or magnitude changes that affect the long term outcome of the incident. We have assumed that the routiness or […]

Taking it to the Streets- A Conversation on Basement Fires

Taking it to the Streets- A Conversation on Basement Fires Live Podcast on timely issues directly related to the conduct of operations at Basement Fires. Recent incident events in Georgia, Pennsylvania and New York over the immediate past week and over the previous two months draws attention to the operational demands, risks and parameters found […]

A Delicate Balance

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Light Weight construction has given way to Engineered Structural Systems (ESS) which in today’s evolving fireground, have an even more extensive array of performance, operational and integrity issues that affect a building’s performance under fire conditions.To unequivocally state that nothing has changed in buildings, occupancies, fire flow delivery rates and demands for increased proficiencies of […]

Taking it the Streets: Reading the Building

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Know what to look at when Reading the Building? Looks can be deceiving.

The New Fire Ground and the First-Due

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This edition of Taking it to the StreetsTM the program will be looking at the New Fire Ground and the First-Due
Joining the program will be two special guests: Division Chief Ed Hadfield (CA) and Deputy Chief Jason Hoevelmann (MO) providing a great opportunity to listen to perspectives from coast to coast and the heartland.

Taking it to the Streets: Looking Forward Through the Rear View Mirror

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Taking it to the Streets with Christopher Naum   Taking it to the Streets: Looking Forward Through the Rear View Mirror On Your Street, In Your City, Across the Country, Around the WorldTM  Join us on Wednesday night December 15th at 9:00 pm EST for an insightful look back at 2010 and forward into 2011 […]

Taking it to the Streets; “Redefining the Fire Ground”

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For a RockinÂ’ Hot Time, Tune in this coming Wednesday night, November 3rd  to FireFighter and Taking it to the Streets for; “Redefining the Fire Ground” If you missed last month’s program on the Tactical Renaissance of Combat Fire Suppression Operations and the new Rules of Engagement, with Chief Gary Morris (ret) Phoenix (AZ) Fire […]

Tactical Renaissance and the Rules of Engagement

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What the fire ground is transitioning to in 2010 and beyond.

In the Streets; On the Air

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Taking it to the Streets had its premier July 21st on Firefighter with a lively and provoking discussion on “WhatÂ’s on YOUR Radar Screen?” The program theme aligned with a recent posting on the same topic. Join me on the program were two prominent and nationally recognized fire service leaders, who IÂ’m honored to […]

Transmitting the Box for an Alarm of Fire…Taking it to the Streets

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Taking it to the Streets Premiering Wednesday July 21st  9:00pm ET Live on Firefighter Premiering “WhatÂ’s on YOUR Radar Screen”? Check out whatÂ’s on of off your radar screen on If youÂ’ve never listened to a FirefighterNetcast, visit the site now, sign up for a new user account for BlogTalkRadio, and be prepared […]

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