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Lessons from the Fireground: Hackensack and Gloucester

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As we approach the July 4th holiday period, two significant LODD incidents previously occurred during this time frame

Roof and Ceiling Collapses DCFD and Gary FD

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The collapse conditions presented themselves during the course of operations in which suppression or search and rescue operations were being conducted.

Occupancy Risks versus Occupancy Types

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TodayÂ’s incident demands on the fireground are unlike those of the recent past, requiring incident commanders and commanding officers to have increased technical knowledge of building construction with a heightened sensitivity to fire behavior, a focus on operational structural stability and considerations related to occupancy risk versus the occupancy type. There is an immediate need […]

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This month Christopher Naum and Battalion Chief Matt Tobia discuss the emerging and prevailing issues related to situational awareness.

Newest NIOSH Alert: Preventing Deaths and Injuries of Fire Fighters at Structure Fires

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NIOSH released it’s latest Alert on Firefighter Risk Reduction. Fire fighters are often killed or injured when fighting fires in abandoned, vacant, and unoccupied structures. These structures pose additional and sometimes unique risks due to the potential for fire fighters to encounter unexpected and unsafe building conditions such as dilapidation, decay, damage from previous fires […]

No More History Repeating Events-Remembrance

As we approach the July 4th holiday period, two significant LODD incidents previously occurred during this time frame that hold a number of lessons learned related to command management, operations, building construction principles and building performance, fire behavior and the ever present dangers of the job. Take the opportunity to learn more about these events, […]

Building Knowledge=Firefighter Safety

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Commandsafety.com is pleased to make available the latest update to the Buildingsonfire.com’s Building Construction Training and Lecture Series for 2010. Recently updated with a series of new seminar and training program topics addressing the emerging training and educational needs of the fire service, these programs provide timely and relevant information and insights on Building Construction, Command […]

NIST Firefighter Safety and Deployment Study to be issued Wednesday

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[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jhll7iUuXpY&feature=player_embedded[/youtube] The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is scheduled to issue the results of a multi-institutional landmark national study on the effects of firefighter staffing levels and crew arrival times on residential firefighting operations. This landmark report will provide scientific data that will help inform fire chiefs and public officials in making decisions […]

Risk versus Gain: Operations in Vacant or Abandoned Structures

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Risk versus Gain: Operations in Vacant or Abandoned Structures Fire Fighter LODD after Being Trapped in a Roof Collapse During Overhaul of a Vacant/Abandoned Building. NIOSH recently published a report on a 2008 LODD that occurred in a vacant/ abandoned building. NIOSH Report F2008-0037. The full report is available HERE. LetÂ’s look at some insights […]

The “Routiness” of Success, Or Not..

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It’s no longer just brute force and sheer physical determination that define structural fire suppression operations. Aggressive firefighting must be redefined and aligned to the built environment and associated with goal oriented tactical operations that are defined by risk assessed and analyzed tasks that are executed under battle plans that promote the best in safety […]

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